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    1.   Matahari Rewards-OVO is Loyalty Program Membership Card that is available in physical card and/ or
          digital card format (“Card”). It is published by PT Matahari Department Store Tbk ("Matahari")
          collaborated with PT Visionet Internasional (“VI”). This is specially made for customers who have
          already filled the Matahari Rewards-OVO membership
          conditions. In the following description, Matahari and VI together can be mentioned as “Matahari-OVO”.
    2.   OVO is a brand, name, logo, and/ or sign that is owned by VI which is a mobile platform provider
          for the loyalty program. It collaborates with Matahari to bring additional benefit for OVO customers
          in general, and Matahari customers to be specific. To know more about OVO, please visit www.ovo.id
    3.   By showing Matahari Rewards-OVO card when doing transaction at Matahari stores, customers can get OVO
          Point that can be redeemed with products of Matahari Department Store or products of OVO merchant
          partners who have OVO Zone sign in all over Indonesia, in accordance with applicable rules.
    4.   Matahari Rewards-OVO membership is available for customers who have valid ID card. Matahari Rewards-OVO
          card can only be used for purposes related to Matahari Rewards-OVO membership by the one whose name is
          on the Matahari Rewards-OVO card. Member of Matahari Rewards-OVO is fully respobsible of the card usage.
          The usage is subject to the rules made by Matahari-OVO.
    5.   Prospective member’s name written on the application must be the same with name on ID card or other
          ID registered.
    6.   Matahari-OVO has right to reject application form that is incomplete and/ or not fulfil the conditions,
          without prior notification.
    7.   Matahari-OVO has right everytime to make, change, define, apply certain policy and mechanism of Matahari
          Rewards-OVO membership, which includes achievement and/ or usage of OVO Points.
    8.   Matahari Rewards-OVO membership conditions and OVO Point are subject to the rules of Republic of Indonesia
           law, and binding to each of Matahari Rewards-OVO member.
    9.   Matahari Rewards-OVO membership, including OVO Point cannot be passed to other person or sold or refunded.
    10. Matahari Rewards-OVO card is owned by Matahari-OVO with certain registration number that can also be used
          as member verification number to OVO system. If it is found at any place, please send back to closest
          Matahari store or address put on the back of the card.
    11.  All benefits and advantages of each Matahari Rewards–OVO membership are subject to the specified conditions
         and cannot be merged.
    12.  In the case that there is clause in Terms and Conditions of this OVO-Matahari Rewards membership against
          the applicable law, then it will not affect the effectiveness of other clauses that are not against the
          applicable law.
    13.  Matahari-OVO has right to own, save, use, discard, manage, check the validity, give data and information
           related to Matahari Rewards-OVO for the matters of recording, saving, analysis, management, appearance of
           prospective member or member of Matahari Rewards-OVO, delivery of information and/ or promotion related to
           Matahari Rewards-OVO membership. Through this, member of Matahari Rewards-OVO discharge Matahari-OVO from
           any risk that has been or will be appeared related to the agreed matters.
    14. If there is a mismatch of data or information filled, then the delivery of benefit and advantage of
           Matahari Rewards-OVO membership will be suspended until there is a decision related to that matter
    15. Matahari-OVO is not responsible of product or service, that is given or offered by partners or those who
          collaborate with Matahari and/ or OVO merchant partner, gotten by customers as benefit or advantage of
          Matahari Rewards-OVO membership.
    16. Marketing Programs or other programs of Matahari Rewards-OVO are only applicable for Matahari Rewards-OVO
          members who have been specified in those programs.
    17. Matahari-OVO is not responsible for any risk appeared due to the inappropriate usage of Matahari Rewards-
          OVO membership. This includes but not limited to, the inapproriate usage of Matahari Rewards-OVO card
          including the benefit as well as advantage of Matahari Rewards-OVO membership.
    18. Matahari-OVO has authority to do any action for any rules and conditions violation of Matahari Rewards-OVO
    19. All decisions committed by Matahari-OVO related to Matahari Rewards-OVO membership are absolute and cannot
          be inviolate.
    20. All disputes arise related to Matahari Rewards-OVO will be solved by way of mutual consent. If an agreement
          cannot be reached, then it will be solved in South Jakarta District Court, Jakarta.

    1. The terms to be a member of MATAHARI REWARDS-OVO are as follow:
         a. Fulfil the application form completely, honestly, and accurately.
         b. Pay the membership application fee of Matahari Rewards-OVO as required.
         c. Submit and show valid ID card.
    2. Type of Matahari Rewards-OVO membership is as follow:
    3. Change of Matahari Rewards-OVO Membership Type
         a. RED type card can be upgraded to DIAMOND type if do shopping at Matahari Rp 5.000.000,- per year.
             The membership upgrade from Red type to Diamond type applied automatically once the spending achieve
             Rp. 5.000.000,-
        b. DIAMOND type card:
             • A member of MATAHARI REWARDS-OVO can own Diamond card type if do shopping Rp. 5.000.000 per year.
             • Automatically, the membership will be downgraded to Red type after 1 (one) year if the total amount
                of spending is less than Rp.5.000.000,- .
        c. If there is card type migration, then automatically OVO Points in the certain card type will be migrated
            to the new card type.
    4. The replacement of Matahari Rewards-OVO card
         a. Physical card must be replaced if the membership status changed from RED type to DIAMOND or vice versa.
         b. The physical card of DIAMOND type membership that is expired must be replaced
         c. The replacement of physical card can be done at customer service at all Matahari stores by showing valid
              ID card and filling the form.
         d. The physical card replacement is not charged any cost.
         e. Digital card does not need to be replaced if the membership status from RED type to DIAMOND type or
              vice versa.
    5. Termination of Matahari Rewards-OVO membership
          Matahari Rewards-OVO membership will be terminated if:
          a. Information and/ or data given are not according to reality;
          b. member of Matahari Rewards-OVO pass away or has no right to do his/ her right and obligation according to
               the applicable law;
          c. the inappropriate usage of Matahari Rewards-OVO card according to its ownership and designation;
          d. member of Matahari Rewards-OVO involves in an action that defames or damaging the good name of Matahari-OVO;
          e. resign or retired from the membership of Matahari Rewards-OVO;
          f.  the membership card of Matahari Rewards-OVO lost;
          g. not fulfilling the applicable membership’s terms and conditions anymore.
    6.  Membership of Matahari Rewards-OVO
          a. Membership of Matahari Rewards-OVO applied in all Matahari stores and OVO merchant partner that is marked
              by OVO Zone sign.
          b. Member of Matahari Rewards-OVO may get OVO Point, facility and other benefit from Matahari, Matahari’s
               partner or VI merchant partner within certain period specified by applicable terms and conditions.
          c. Matahari Rewards-OVO card cannot be used as debit card, credit card, guarantee card, or other card, except
              specified by Matahari-OVO.
     7.  OVO Point achievement
           a. OVO Point can be earned from purchase payment (“Transactions”) with certain amount in Matahari stores and/
                or OVO merchant partners.
           b. To get OVO Point, member of Matahari Rewards-OVO will be asked to show or give Matahari Rewards-OVO Card
                before doing payment or other method which will be specified by Matahari-OVO.
           c. OVO Point cannot be passed to another person or sold or refunded.
           d. OVO Point calculation is not related to the payment used, except if it is specified by Matahari-OVO.
           e. OVO Points calculation is done per transaction worth of Rp 20.000 and its multiple (rounding to lower amount)
               for following type of membership:
               • Matahari Rewards-OVO Red type will get 100 (one hundred) OVO Points;
               • Matahari Rewards-OVO Diamond type will get 200 (two hundred) OVO Points; and
               • BCA Matahari credit card will get 300 (three hundred) OVO Points.
           f. The transaction which is using or exchanging OVO Points will not get OVO Points again.
          g. Matahari-OVO has right to change the OVO Point’s calculation and its changes will be announced to all member
               of Matahari Rewards-OVO.
    8.  OVO Point validity period
          OVO Point applies for 18 (eighteen) months started from transaction date when the OVO Point earned. If OVO Point
          is not used in that specified period, then that OVO Point cannot be used and automatically discarded.
    9.  Redemption/ Usage of OVO Points
          a. 1 (one) OVO Point equal to Rp 1 (one Rupiah). Member of Matahari Rewards-OVO can use or redeem OVO Point as
               long as OVO Point available according to the applicable conditions of exchanging/ usage of OVO Point.
          b. Member of Matahari Rewards-OVO can redeem OVO Point as discount of product payment at the cashier of Matahari
               stores or OVO partner merchants.
          c. Exchanging or usage of OVO Point must be done by the valid member of Matahari Rewards-OVO. If there is doubt,
               Matahari or OVO merchant partners will ask the Member of Matahari Rewards-OVO to show or give the valid
               ID card according the name in membership database of Matahari Rewards-OVO.
          d. When doing transaction by exchanging OVO Point at the cashier in Matahari stores, Member of Matahari Rewards
               will be asked to show or give the Card.
          e. Amount and redemption of OVO Point is subject to the conditions specified by Matahari-OVO, and it can be
              modified according to the conditions specified by Matahari-OVO. Every modification of OVO Point redemption
              policy or conditions does not affect OVO Point amount recorded in Matahari Rewards-OVO system before the date
              of that policy or conditions modified.
    10.  OVO Point Cancelation
              If there is transaction cancelation, then Matahari-OVO will reduce each OVO Point earned from that
              cancelled Transaction.
    11. Modification of Matahari Rewards-OVO Member Personal Data
            Member of Matahari Rewards-OVO can modify the personal data by doing these actions:
            a. Member of Matahari Rewards-OVO come directly to closest Matahari customer service, filling and signing data
                modification form which is matched with ID card/ other identity card that has a valid name; or