Corporate Secretary

Matahari’s Corporate Secretary is the Company’s primary point of contact for the financial regulatory authorities, investors, analysts and the public, and is responsible for ensuring that the Company’s compliance obligations under the prevailing laws and requirements of the regulatory authorities are met.

The Corporate Secretary is Miranti Hadisusilo, who was appointed on October 15, 2010, pursuant to Decision of the Board of Directors of PT Matahari Department Store Tbk 103/MDS/X/2010 regarding the Appointment of the
Corporate Secretary.

On December 8, 2014, the Financial Services Authority (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan – OJK ) issued a new rule, OJK Regulation No. 35/POJK .04/2014 regarding the Corporate Secretary. The appointment, role and responsibilities of the Company’s corporate secretary are fully compliant with the provisions of the new rule.

Duties and Responsibilities
The duties of the Corporate Secretary include:
a. Staying informed of all developments in the capital market, particularly changes to statutory laws and
b. Advising the Board of Directors on compliance with the provisions of Law No. 8/1995 concerning the
    Capital Market, and its implementing regulations;
c. Acting as the intermediary between the Company, OJK and the public to disclose information relevant to
     the Company’s status as a public company (such as information on the Company’s performance and
     operating activities);
d. Facilitating the taking and keeping of minutes from all meetings of the shareholders and the boards; and
     submitting to the relevant authorities all the reports required of a public company, such as quarterly reports,
     management reports and annual reports.

Programs and Implementation
The Corporate Secretary’s activities in 2015 included the following:
1. Liaising between the Company and the financial services authority, investors, analysts and the general public
     and taking responsibility for the preparation and dissemination of material information to these parties;
2. Maintaining good relationships with external stakeholders and ensuring the timely disclosure of information on
     Matahari’s performance, operations and other issues;
3. Facilitating the taking, dissemination and archiving of minutes of BOC, BOD and BOM meetings;
4. Coordinating the General Meeting of Shareholders;
5. Submitting a total of 137 mandatory reports to the relevant authorities, including Quarterly Reports,
     Management Reports, and an Annual Report; and
6. Coordinating the disbursement of funds for the Corporate Social Responsibility program.