Board of Management

Matahari’s Board of Directors is supported by a Board of Management comprising senior management professionals who are experts in their respective fields.
The Board of Management carries out specific managerial duties and responsibilities for and on behalf of the Board of Directors. These include but are not limited to the development of the Company’s operational, strategic and financial plans and the day-to-day management of their execution. Good governance is assured by the clear lines of control and authority that exist between the Boards of Commissioners and Directors and the Board of Management. .

  Duties and Responsibilities

  The duties and responsibilities of the Board of Management are to, among other matters:
    1. Develop detailed operational and strategic implementation plans, in line with the Company’s goals and objectives, for the approval of the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners.
    2. Develop detailed annual financial plans to reflect the operational and strategic plans.
    3. Manage the Company’s financial and human resources to execute the agreed plans.
    4. Provide regular, detailed and timely updates to the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners on the progress of the execution of the agreed plans.
    5. Record and archive minutes of the General Meeting of Shareholders.
    6. Follow up on any audit findings and recommendations from the Audit Committee, the external auditor and other authorities.
    7. Ensure the implementation of GCG principles in all of Matahari’s operations across the entire organization.
    8. Communicate Matahari’s strategic human resource policies to employees at all levels, using media that are easily accessible by employees.
    9. Maintain integrity in all reporting and the discharge of other duties and responsibilities to the shareholders.
   10. Protect the interests of all the shareholders in an ethical manner and in compliance with existing laws and regulations.

The Board of Management held a total of 46 meetings in 2019. Average attendance was 100%.
Brief profiles of the members of the Board of Management are presented in