2020 - Finalised the additional share buyback program in January 2020.

- Opened 3 new stores in Palembang, Depok, and Tangerang.
- Auric Capital, indirectly via Greater Universal Ltd emerged as a shareholder.
- Launched the new “Pay Less, Feel Good” strapline.
- Retired 178.7 million treasury shares.
- Acquired 728 million shares of Nobu Bank, equivalent to 16.4% shareholding.
- Introduced the first Branchless Banking feature in Atrium Senen store.
- Launched the social commerce Shop & Talk and marketplaces such as Shopee.
- Launched the New! Matahari.com.
- Introduced the first Black Friday campaign

2019 - Opens 3 large format Matahari department stores.

- Distributes a cash dividend of Rp 933.600.000.000, or 85% of the net profit.
- AGMS approves an additional share buyback program.
- Finalizes the initial share buyback program in December 2019.
- Initiates the use of cassava-based shopping bags.

2018 - Relaunches the MATAHARI.com mobile app.

- Distributes a cash dividend of Rpl trillion, or 70% of the net profit.
- Kicks off a share buyback program. Launches a new exclusive.
- Whiteberry - Style & Comfort Lingerie.
- Announces plans for the development of a multi -purpose distribution facility with the purchase
  of land close to Jababeka Industrial Area.
- Continues to collaborate with local celebrities and talent to deliver enhanced merchandise offerings.


2017 - Opens the first stand-alone Nevada Store;

- Signs a multi-year Direct to Retail (DTR) agreement with Disney;
- Partners with local designers and celebrities to deliver enhanced merchandise offerings;
- Relaunches the loyalty program as Matahari Rewards, with an improved platform and
  superior benefits;
- Launches the new “Feel Good” reinforcing Matahari’s commitment to offer all its customers
  a great shopping experience;
- Establishes PT Matahari Nusantara Logistik, a l 00%-owned subsidiary, which manages and
  develops and transportation systems; Completes the final tranche of its investment in
  Mataharimall.com, giving Matahari an ownership stake of 19.62% at the end of December 2017.

2016 - Public ownership in Matahari reached 82.52%.

• Matahari cooperated with BCA to launch a co-branded BCA-Matahari credit card.
• The MatahariApp #StylishYou mobile application was introduced to the public.
• Matahari launched MatahariStore.com, the digital platform of Matahari Department Store,
  to reach underserved markets across Indonesia.

2015 - Matahari's brands are made available on the MatahariMall e-commerce platform.

- Matahari exercises its share option in PT Global Ecommerce Indonesia (GEI), the parent entity of MatahariMall.
- Public ownership in Matahari increases to 79.52% with ACC's divestment of further shares.

2014 - Public ownership of Matahari increases to 65.34%.



2013 - Following a share offering by ACC and PT Multipolar Tbk public ownership of Matahari's shares increases from 1.85% to 47.35%.

2011 - A merger between MI and Matahari leaves Matahari as the surviving entity.

2010 - Matahari is acquired by PT Meadow Indonesia (MI), a subsidiary of Asia Color Company Limited (ACC). Both MI and ACC were indirectly majority owned by CVC Asia Fund III.

2009 - MPP affiliate PT Pacific Utama Tbk acquires the Matahari Department Store Division.

- Matahari begins trading as a stand-alone public company, PT Matahari Department Store Tbk under the stock code LPPF.

2008 - Matahari introduces its New Generation concept, which showcases the best of modern department store design.

2000 - Matahari Club Card (MCC) is launched.

1997 - Multipolar becomes the majority shareholder in MPP.

1992 - Matahari Putra Prima goes public, with share listings on the Jakarta Stock Exchange and the Stock Exchange.




1986 - PT Matahari Putra Prima Tbk (MPP) is established.

1980 - Matahari opened its first store outside Jakarta, in Bogor.

1972 - Matahari opens the first modern department store in Indonesia.

1958 - The Matahari store, founded by Mr. Hari Darmawan, opens on 24 October in Pasar Baru Jakarta, with a total floor space of 150 square meters.