Kids Fashion Show With Naura

Kids' Fashion Show, School to School with Naura

 Supporting Indonesia's Young Generation

With a population of more than 260 million, the fourth largest in the world, it is understandable that Indonesia has some outstanding talent that could become world class in their field, given the right development. For that to happen, however, ongoing support is needed, as they are still young.

This is something that Matahari, the first and biggest retail department store in Indonesia, cares a lot about.

Matahari is supporting fashion activities among the young generation, for example via the Matahari Kids' Fashion Show School to School with Naura. The goal of this fashion show competition was to increase the brand awareness of kids’ products from Matahari Department Store. To do this, Matahari collaborated with young artist Naura, who is popular amongst kids in Indonesia.

Naura is one of Indonesia's young talents, especially in the field of the arts. Naura has artistry "in her blood”, because she is the daughter of singer Nola Be3 and Baldy Mulya Putra. As a young singer and model, Naura is already successful. She has released two music albums and is now involved in a musical movie, Naura dan Genk Juara (Naura and the Champion Gang). In the midst of fewer talented child celebrities in the country recently, Naura’s emergence can be an inspiration for aspiring new young artists. Naura herself is involved in many kids’ modelling projects as a brand ambassador for well-known brands.

The competition was done in several stages. In the early stages, Matahari held road shows to find potential child models via fashion shows held in 10 public and private elementary schools in the Jabodetabek area. With this approach, children's potential and talent could be found directly in the schools.

The seriousness of finding new talent in the fashion field could be seen from the judges, who consisted of model/talent guides and the Fashion Director of Matahari Department Store. Naura was also one of the judges. Naura's popularity as well-known young artist who has many fans is believed to have been a key factor in attracting people to this competition.

Apart from being a judge, Naura also did meet and greets, took pictures, and sang her top two songs. The event was also enlivened by a selfie challenge, photo booth, and other attractions.

All the participants were assessed from several aspects, such as dress matching, confidence, and expressiveness. All the winners received cash, a trophy, a Matahari shopping voucher, and a certificate. This event is expected draw out many talents from the next generation. This could be help drive Indonesia's creative industry forward in future with young, high quality  people who can be an inspiration and a source of pride for the nation [*]

Grand Final Kids Fashion Show with Naura

Supermall Karawaci Tangerang, Sunday 29 Oktober 2017. The Grand Final was contested by 30 participants from 10 schools who succeeded in making it to the final round. The participants were assessed on several aspects, such as dress matching, confidence, and expressiveness. The winners got cash, a trophy, a shopping voucher, and a certificate from Matahari Department Store. Below is the list of the winners:

1st winner: Czar Donyres from SD BM 400
2nd winner: Kamila Rara Islami from SD BM 400
3rd winner: Muhammad Arham Wijaya from SD Perguruan Cikini

Congratulations to the winners! Hopefully the gift from Matahari can be used to support your dreams and talents. See you at the next exciting event and wait for the brand “Naura for Nevada” at the closest Matahari outlet in your city.


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