PT Matahari Department Store Tbk Received 3 Awards in Economic Review Awards 2018

PT Matahari Department Store Tbk (“Matahari” or the “Company”; stock code: “LPPF”) received 3 awards in the series of Economic Review Awards 2018. On Friday, 13 April 2018 Matahari received Platinum awards (1st position) for Indonesia Sales Marketing Award (ISMA) 2018 for non-financial Public Companies category and in the top 10 for across categories. In addition to ISMA, Matahari also received Gold award (2nd position) for Indonesia Legal Award (ILA) 2018, Public Companies category. These 3 awards are given by Economic Review Magazine cooperates with Ideku Group, Frontliner Services, Binus University Business School, Perbanas Institute, and Indonesia-Asia Institute as the board of juries. These awards was received by Roy N. Mandey as Corporate and Public Affairs Director of Matahari at MNC Studio, Tower 1 7th Fl., RCTI Complex.

Recently, the world is experiencing big changes period which is often called as disruptive era. The change which have the most significant effect is the development of digital world where nowadays, people are more aware with digital technology which offers more practicality and comfort in life. With this change, companies should adjust the way they run their business, thus they can maintain their business and even more developed. Matahari always follows the happening trend in the industry so that it can continue to fulfill the needs and follow the preference of its customers, give comfort as well as pleasant and exciting shopping experience which in line with the new tagline of “Feel Good”. With the adjustment in marketing strategy which highlight more soft selling rather than hard selling and applying the “Feel Good” tagline, Matahari successfully maintain its customers and even captivates new customers. Therefore, Matahari received Platinum award (1st position) for ISMA 2018 non-financial Public Companies category and in the 9th position in Top 10 of ISMA 2018 across category.

Other than ISMA 2018, in the same event, Matahari also received Indonesia Legal Award (ILA) 2018. This award is given to the companies which has successfully manage its legal aspects in running their business operational. Matahari received Gold award (2nd position) ILA 2018 for Public Companies category.

These three awards are showing that in increasing its performance, Matahari runs its business with excellency in all of the business operational elements including marketing strategy and legal aspects of the Company.

Photo caption:
Roy N. Mandey, Corporate Secretary and Public Affairs Director of Matahari (right) received Indonesia Sales Marketing Award 2018 and Indonesia Legal Award 2018.