Matahari Department Store Meet & Greet Designer Indonesia Fashion Forward

Jakarta - PT Matahari Department Store Tbk (“Matahari” or “Company”; stock code: “LPPF”) as the biggest retailer in Indonesia, always supports fashion industry in the country, and develops the potentials of Indonesian young designers. One of the supports is by embracing Indonesian young designers through the collaboration with Indonesia Fashion Forward (IFF). IFF is an incubation and mentoring program since 2012 for the chosen Indonesian designers, which is an initiative from Jakarta Fashion Week, cooperating with British Council, and supported by Indonesian Creative Economic Institution (Badan Ekonomi Kreatif Indonesia (Bekraf)).

“Matahari has chosen three IFF designers to complete Matahari’s modest wear collections with their designs, which are Restu Anggraini, Norma Hauri, and Rani Hatta. Matahari’s collaboration with Jakarta Fashion Week and Indonesia Fashion Forward is expected to give a wider chance, as well as provide a platform for the works of IFF designers and make it more widely known by the public,” said Imelda Like, Head of Marketing Communication and Fashion Director of Matahari.

In welcoming Ramadan 2018, Matahari collaborates with IFF to present modest wear collections in Fashion Show series consists of 30 looks in 3 sequences at Atrium Lippo Mall Kemang (Kemang Village), Jakarta. This Fashion Show will present the new collections fron the three designers which are exclusively designed and available only at Matahari.

Restu Anggraini in this fashion show presented modern and contemporary design with minimal details. She prefers to use pastel and nature colors. Restu also owns a fashion line namely Etu. In 2015, Etu appeared at Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo in Japan. In 2016, the collections displayed at International Fashion Showcase of London Fashion Week. And this year, Etu becomes one of the brands which represent Indonesia in Australia Awards – The Short Term Awards.

Rani Hatta, continued the 2nd sequences by showing that using hijab is not a barrier for women to look sporty. Rani’s design showcasing sporty and modern style dominates with monochrome which are black, grey, and white. Her collections are training pants, sweatshirt, boyfriend T-shirt to sneakers for women using hijab. Rani Hatta has showcased her collections in Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo in 2017.

Norma Hauri successfully creates modest wear collections which is not only elegant and feminine, yet still shar’i. Norma’s collections is suitable to be used in formal as well as non-formal events. Norma’s collections have appeared at the runway of Amazon Fahion Week Tokyo in 2016.

Other than the communities who wear hijab, all of the collections which were shown are also suitable for the public who are not using hijab but loves the modest – polite clothes concept.
The price range offered is starting from Rp 150,000 to Rp 600,000. The number of collections which will be displayed by each designers in the first period, are Restu Anggraini with 37 styles, Rani Hatta with 22 styles, and Norma Hauri with 20 styles. These three designers will complete Matahari’s collections for Ramadan in 2018, and will give a different color which certainly can not be missed.

Matahari Meet & Greet Designer IFF2018 is one of a series of Matahari’s collaboration with Indonesia Fashion Forward. This activity is a proof of Matahari’s commitment to be closer with its loyal customers, through series of events in several cities. These events were held on 7 April at PSX Mall Palembang, and 5 May 2018 in Lippo Mall Kemang, Jakarta, and will be held in other cities such as in Solo and Makassar. In this Meet & Greet, the audiences can get to know more closely with the designers and their collections, as well as to get interesting deals during the event.

As at the end of May 2018, the collections of Matahari x IFF are available on the 90 Matahari stores across Indonesia: 24 stores in Jakarta, 6 stores in West Java, 16 stores in Central Java, 14 stores in East Java, 8 stores in Bali and Kalimantan, 5 stores in Sulawesi and East Indonesia, and 17 stores in Sumatra.

Matahari Department Store, an Indonesian fashion destination and has its footprint across the archipelago will make the three designers’ works to reach more customers especially because it is available in affordable prices.

Photo Caption:
Seen in the picture (from left - right) Norma Hauri, Restu Anggraini, Imelda Like (Head of Marketing Communication and Fashion Director of Matahari), Lenni Tedja (Project Director Jakarta Fashion Week), and Rani Hatta with Frans Nicholas (MC) in Matahari Meet & Greet Designer IFF.