23 February 2018 - Plasa Kudus Management and PT Matahari Department Store Tbk (“Matahari”) has been coordinating in relation to the fire incident at Plasa Kudus today which also impacted to Matahari outlet located in the building. The incident started around 5.30 am in Plasa Kudus this morning and the fire brigade has been sent immediately to contain the fire.

There is no operational activities at the 2nd floor which was suspected as the source of the fire including at Matahari because the electricity was off when the fire incident started. Until the statement is released, all employees of Plasa Kudus including all the tenants’ and Matahari’s are safe since the working hours has not been started yet.

Matahari is one of the tenant in Plasa Kudus occupying first, second and third floor of the building, and the lease period will expire on June 2019. Matahari has ensured that there are no employees injured or human casualties in this fire incident and ensure that the whole store has been protected by a nonfinancial institution that protects the company's movable and immovable assets.

The fire incident has burnt the second and third floor of Kudus Plaza, and because of that Kudus Plaza will be closed and will not be able to serve the customers until further notice. The cause of fire is still under investigation by the police.