Considering the announcement of the tightening of the Implementation of Micro-Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) starting 22 June 2021, PT Matahari Department Store Tbk ("Matahari" or "the Company"; stock code: "LPPF" has received a number of queries related to the impact of such measures and the worsening COVID situation. The Company wishes to stress it will fully comply and support all the necessary rules to maintain customers' and employees' health and safety. As the country hits record high daily caseloads since our last announcement, we would like to emphasize that we will do our part to manage the situation, including temporary store closures if necessary.In order to uphold equality of information and fairness regarding even disclosure, we wish to update relevant stakeholders on the matters.

Based on the latest update as of 28 June 2021, we have 100 stores affected by the operating hours' reduction, an increase of 26 stores since restrictions began. Out of 100 stores, the Java market, including Greater Jakarta, has seen the highest impact. As many as 71 stores reside in Java, 19 stores in Sumatera, 4 stores in Kalimantan, and others outside those regions. These 100 stores constitute approximately 67% of the entire store base and 71% of the total sales. These stores are affected by the reduced operating hours, in which some are having to close as early as 6 pm. As additional information, in terms of stores impacted by mall traffic restrictions or roadblocks, we have around 30% of our total stores. In terms of stores affected by the F&B capacity restrictions, there are currently 42% of stores, making those malls less attractive destinations for the public to visit. 

The full impact remains to be seen, given the new rules have, understandably, just been imposed for the first full week. It is a dynamic, moving situation reflecting the worrying spread of the delta variant in communities that Matahari serves. Thus, it may be too early to say the specific financial impact of each rule. However, the management of Matahari remains fully prepared to comply with necessary moves by the relevant authorities with our "SHOP SAFE – 5-STAR PLEDGE." This pledge includes - providing priority cashier for families and elderly,

  • prioritising medical workers,
  • placing essentials and baby-wear in prominent easy to find positions,
  • properly sanitising stores where our staff will wear masks and provide sanitiser, and
  • ensuring social/physical distancing maintained.

We will continue to play our part for public health and employee safety and this will remain our priority.