General Information

Accordance with the Company's commitment to constantly develop capabilities and knowledge of each employee,
PT. Matahari Department Store Tbk., always supporting and providing training, conducted by internal Training
& Development Department and external training from consultant.

Training and Development Programs that running in PT. Matahari Department Store Tbk., are :
â–º General Training
     General training which can be attend by all employees.
â–º Staff Competencies Development
     Training that provides knowledge and skills to staffs.
â–º Supervisor Competencies Development
     Training that develops abilities of employees in Supervisor Level.
â–º Manager Competencies Development
     Training for Managers whom intended to develop their managerial and leadership skills.
â–º Career Development Program (CDP)
     Training & Development’s program that specifically for Store Operation division which aims
     to prepare employees occupy a higher level in accordance with their duties and responsibilities.
     CDP Program include :
       → CDP Coordinator
       → CDP Supervisor
       → CDP Assistant Store Manager
       → CDP Store Manager

PT. Matahari Department Store Tbk., also gives an opportunity to the students and college students who are
willing to do an internship program as their direct knowledge for the working environment in some divisions.

Recent Training Activity

In the year of 2017, PT. Matahari Department Store, Tbk. has successfully organized 209 trainings,
the theme for the training were:
- Basic Training: Induction Training and Retail Merchandise System (RETEK)
- Staff Competencies Development: Basic Training Sales Associate, Basic Training Cashier
- Supervisor Competencies Development: Leadership for Supervisor, Pra CDP ASM, VM Training,
  Technical Training for Expedition Supervisor, HR Supervisor Development
- Manager Competencies Development: Training Fabric Consumption & Cost Calculation,
   Strategic Management Program
- Career Development Program (CDP): Coordinator, Supervisor, Asst. Store Manager, Store Manager

The purpose of the trainings are to improve the employees quality and competencies which will be improving their productivity.