PT Matahari Department Store Tbk  (“Matahari” or “Company”)

PT Matahari Department Store Tbk (“Matahari” or “Company”) has a deep legacy in Indonesian retail. Beginning its journey on October 24, 1958 with the opening of its first outlet, a children’s fashion store, in Jakarta’s Pasar Baru district, Matahari went on to open Indonesia’s first modern department store in 1972. Since then, Matahari has established itself as a truly national

It currently operates 145 stores in 76 cities across Indonesia, with a total retail space of almost one million square meters and has a growing online presence through MATAHARI.COM.

Drawing on its 63-year history, Matahari is enabling Indonesian families to look and feel good by providing an unbeatable selection of the latest fashion trends, as well as beauty products and homeware, showcased in its modern,  friendly stores as well as its online platform, Matahari is very proud of its support to the Indonesian economy, employing more than 40,000 people and partnering with around 400-500 local suppliers, as well as international suppliers. 

The Company has received many industry recognitions – nationally and internationally – including Top 3 Best Non-Financial Sector and Top 10 Mid-Cap Issuers ASEAN Corporate Governance Awards 2021, Top 500 Retail Asia Pacific from Retail Asia, Euromonitor & KPMG; Brand Asia 2018 – Top 3 Most Powerful Retail Brands in Indonesia from Nikkei BP Consulting, Inc. and WoW Brand Award 2019 – Gold Champion from MarkPlus Inc. The Company also received the Netizen’s Brand Choice Award 2018 from Warta Ekonomi. All of these awards reaffirm the Company’s position as one of the leading, most dynamic, and trusted companies in Indonesia.